At daph. we want to make a sustainable closet more attainable for our customers while giving back to the makers, the environment and our communities. 

We provide timeless designs made of quality materials at attainable prices, while educating our community on our processes and craftsmanship.

We stand behind our designs and products and hope you’ll join us as we create quality products at attainable and fair prices.

At daph. sustainability means that we strive to make a positive impact on our daph. community, the communities where our pieces are made and sold and strive to reduce our impact on the environment by responsibly collecting and using resources to their fullest capacity.

You can learn even more about our thoughts on sustainability by checking out this blog post: learn about our manufacturing partners and our materials.


A little bit more about us...

A daph. one of our values in quality over quantity.At daph. we value Sustainability.At daph. we value giving back.
Making a sustainable closet attainable.
We believe in transparency and authenticity when it come to all aspects of our brand, this includes pricing. Unlike traditional retailers who markup their prices by 5 to 6x's, daph.'s average makeup is just 2-3x's the true cost.