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Baby Alpaca Fur

With its rich 5000-year-old history, Peru is commonly known for Macchu Picchu and the Incan Empire. Yet there is one resource that does not receive as much recognition, but is the one with the strongest legacy, the alpaca.

Through the centuries alpacas have been bred and protected with the specific goal of producing some of the world’s finest and strongest fibers.

Creativity is at the root of all Peruvian craftsmanship. This includes the development of alpaca fiber which has slowly been introduced to the fashion world and continues to stem curiosity.

Alpacas have a rich history in South America's Andean mountains, dating back to the Incan empire (where it was reserved for royalty). Crafters spun this valuable animal hair into threads and converted it into precious cloths and garments for their kings.

The baby alpaca fur has been prized for centuries because of its superior features, including warmth, strength and water resistance.

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Baby Alpaca Fur Pieces -- make sure to standout in a crowd.