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Our Materials | Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber is a sustainable fiber we use in our clothing line.

Alpaca Fiber

Baby Alpaca fibers, named after the fineness of the fiber, not the age of the animal, are hand-selected for their superior softness. 

In Peru, alpacas are raised so that their fleece can be shorn year after year providing a livelihood for ranchers.  Since the alpaca fiber industry is such a big enterprise, alpacas are raised in a manner in which promotes long life spans and is as cruelty-free as possible. 

Alpacas are extremely environmentally friendly. They produce high fiber yields with less food and water resources. The lightweight and long-lasting fiber has exceptional breathability to keep you comfortable in various climates with a silky shine and no pilling.

Compared to the market leader, cashmere, alpaca fleece and fur have a smaller environmental footprint and a more sustainable product lifeline. And, by using the highest-quality natural resources, we are creating products with superior water resistance, elasticity and flexibility.

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