Our Fundamentals

Our mission at daph. is to showcase Peruvian resources and craftsmanship through our founder's Peruvian heritage, while giving back to the community where our pieces are made.

The collections are based on the four fundamentals of durability, authenticity, polish and all products being handmade, that are showcased in every piece.

Durability: Our products are designed to travel with you through all the adventures life takes you on. Whether it be getting to the office on a typical work day or traversing cobblestone pathways on an European adventure, our products are made to last. By using the highest quality natural resources, our products have superior water resistance, elasticity and flexibility.

Authenticity: Our goods are made with authentic Peruvian resources such as baby alpaca fur and fleece, llama leather and huayruro seeds. Our procedure ensures that no animal is harmed in the creation of our products and contributes to the ingenuity of the local Arequipeño community, leaving no resource to waste.

Polished: Since each daph. product is handmade, the finish of each product is unique; but all are refined and elegant. Due to the labor intensive process and unique designs, each collection only includes a limited number of products and colors.

Handmade: All our products are individually hand-made by Arequipeño artisans and leather makers. We embarked on an extensive search of several leather makers in Arequipa, known for having the highest quality leather in Peru, and found our partners who are committed to minimizing waste and preserving the environment. When we say partners, we mean it. During our visits, we spent hours talking through the designs, quality and material options to ensure the designs were of highest quality and workmanship.