Give Back

We center our daph. give-back initiatives around positively impacting children with special needs in the communities where our clothing, handbags and accessories are made. 
During our first years in business, daph. donated to help a special needs school in the jungle of Tarapoto, Peru, Prite Nino Jesus. In August we were able to witness the inauguration of the multi-sensory wing, which daph. contributed to as well as see the infrastructure improvements. We also helped fund the construction of a Therapy pool for the students. The appreciation from the school, its teachers and students was unforgettable.

The short videos below gives you a peek into our impact on such a great cause.

Peru is still a developing country with room to grow in various aspects. We want to use daph. to not only introduce Peruvian quality goods to the US, support the Peruvian local economy, but also positively impact those in need specifically, in the medical realm. There are many illnesses and medical conditions that are not recognized in the general population, families struggling to tend to a child with an uncommon condition because of a lack of resources and research on certain diseases.

We not only want to work towards removing the stigma of those unknown illnesses, but also work towards empowering the families of the children involved, providing them with resources to help their child succeed and develop skills to feel comfortable in their everyday lives.

As we continue to grow we will focus our efforts in Lima, working to support the impact of local organizations who focus on working with children with special needs.