Give Back

Having visited Peru every year since I could remember, I would always see children begging on the street for money for food, selling candies or doing jumping tricks on the road in hopes of getting some money from the crowd waiting for the stop light to turn green. My parents made it a point to make sure both my sister and I witnessed these events. We realized there were many children and people out there in need of help, whether it be money, food, our time or a simple smile to acknowledge them. It drove home the importance of giving back.

As I’ve grown up and as my time becomes more valuable, I’ve chosen to narrow in on causes that are important to me, starting with giving back to Peru. This year I chose the Peruvian American Medical Society as the charity. This is an American charity comprised of Peruvian-American doctors who travel back to Peru to establish clinics, provide free services and positively impact the health of Peruvians.

Specifically, this year daph. donated to help a special needs school in the jungle of Tarapoto, Peru, Prite Nino Jesus. In August we were able to witness the inauguration of the multi-sensory wing, which daph. contributed to as well as see the infrastructure improvements. To wrap up the year we helped fund the construction of a Therapy pool for the students. The appreciation from the school, its teachers and students was unforgettable.

The short video and photos below gives you a peek into our impact on such a great cause.
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