Business Consulting & Speaking Engagements

I have discovered that my energy comes from helping others...

Somehow after life’s twists and turns, highs (which I didn’t celebrate enough) and a couple of really low lows, I ended up here owning three companies, seeing myself in magazines, having the opportunity to meet some amazing people and creating an authentic brand and community.

I have discovered that my energy comes from helping others, hearing their stories and strategically morphing their messaging and brand story to appeal to the right customers and the right time resulting in a fruitful and ever-growing fashion BUSINESS — I absolutely love it!

Some areas which I can provide guidance in are: 

◦ Business Basics

◦ Target Customer Messaging

◦ Competitive Advantage Analysis

◦ Website Design (or redesign) and Messaging

◦ Social Media Presence

◦ Email Campaigns

◦ Branding & Storytelling

◦ New Customer Acquisition

◦ Pricing

◦ Revenue Streams: Exploration & Prioritization

◦ Ecommerce

Since I work on daph. full time I only take on a handful of consulting clients at a time. I recognize that every consulting relationship is temporary and create a custom offering to meet your goals and equip you and your team with sustainable processes, tools and timeline to scale and grow your business. Please complete this form to get the process started!

I love leading workshops, trainings and speaking engagements...

Whether sharing branding techniques to a group of budding entrepreneurs or sharing e-commerce strategies with business orders starting their online store, I thrive when leading discussion or presenting. I've had the pleasure of speaking to a group of students and faculty as small as 30 at Washington University or a larger weekend session of 200+ business owners in partnership with Tacony. I'd love to work with your organization next! Let's get started by filling out this form it will help me learn more about your needs. Because I create custom presentations to fit your goals and needs I request a 2 month notice.