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Baby Alpaca Scarf

Introducing our 100% Baby Alpaca Fleece Scarf, a versatile accessory that will keep you warm and stylish for any occasion. Whether you drape it as a shawl or wrap it around your neck as a scarf, this luxurious piece is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Handcrafted in Peru, this scarf is made from 100% baby alpaca fleece, known for its exceptional softness and warmth. With its generous size of 63 inches by 12.5 inches, it provides ample coverage and allows for various styling options. The unique two-sided pattern adds a touch of distinction, while the neutral colors effortlessly complement any ensemble.

Designed to be both fashionable and sustainable, this scarf showcases the remarkable qualities of baby alpaca fiber. Alpacas are highly efficient in producing fiber with minimal impact on food and water resources. The lightweight and durable nature of baby alpaca fiber ensures exceptional breathability, keeping you comfortable in diverse climates. Say goodbye to pilling, as this scarf maintains its silky shine even after prolonged use.

Compared to cashmere, a leading luxury fiber, alpaca fleece and fur have a smaller environmental footprint, making them a conscious choice for eco-friendly fashion. Furthermore, alpaca fiber is naturally odor resistant and anti-bacterial, providing you with a fresh and hygienic wearing experience. Experience the high sweat-wicking capabilities of alpaca fiber, ensuring your comfort even during active pursuits.

For care, we recommend dry cleaning to preserve the quality and longevity of this exquisite scarf. 

Elevate your style and embrace the warmth and luxury of our 100% Baby Alpaca Fleece Scarf. Indulge in the superior softness and sustainable qualities of this remarkable fiber. Discover the perfect accessory that combines fashion, functionality, and responsible craftsmanship from DAPH.

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