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Our handbags and accessories are made of Peruvian sustainable leather.


By introducing llama leather to the U.S. market, daph. is providing an alternative that is lighter, more durable and 15 times stronger than cattle leather. It is also noticeably lighter, making our handbags lighter, more durable and longer-lasting than handbags made of cattle leather. 

In Peru, it is not practical or ethical to kill alpacas and llamas simply for their hides, because there is so much economic benefit by shearing them for their fur (alpacas) and using their meat for the local communities (llamas). There's a prohibition in effect against killing alpacas and llamas for their hides. 

Our producers use the hides of llamas that have died of natural causes or are a bi-product of the local food industry to make our handbags.

A note on leather:

According to EcoCult, animal agriculture alone is responsible for 18% of worldwide emissions, but it is important to know that leather is not responsible for animal agriculture. Animal agriculture exists completely regardless of the leather industry.

In the world today leather can come from two different sources.

#1- Leather is a byproduct of the meat industry, which means that cattle and llamas are raised for their meat. If the farmers choose not to sell their hides they would be thrown away or burnt, harming the environment.

#2- Cattle raised especially for their hides with the goal of creating new products made from leather, thus sacrificing these animals just for more stuff. This is wrong.

It is clear that there is a noticeable difference between the two points above, one prevents waste while the other is creating it along with pain. It is important that when you are buying a leather item or researching leather in general, you find out where your leather comes from and what the animal is truly used for.

Also…vegan leather isn't necessarily more sustainable.

At times people stray away from our pieces because they are not vegan. It is important to know that some vegan materials are made completely of synthetic alternatives that are not environmentally friendly. Using things like polyurethane, made of petroleum, is bad for the planet. Make sure to research and ask what material is used when choosing to purchase vegan pieces.


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