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The Brand


As the fashion world strives to be innovative and the concern with traceability increases, the word sustainability has inadvertently become a “buzz word”. People may relate it to being vegan or expensive. While in some cases it can be, that is definitely not true overall
At daph. we want to make a sustainable closet more attainable for our customers while giving back to the makers, the environment and our communities.
We provide timeless designs made of quality materials at attainable prices, while educating our community on our processes and craftsmanship.
That is why we partner with ethical, quality factories and artisans in Peru. Use only the finest Peruvian natural resources and share our authentic journey with you.
We stand behind our designs and products and hope you’ll join us.


Alpaca Textile Spool

Our Materials


Our founder and designer, Daphne Benzaquen, is a native of Peru. During a trip to the large Peruvian city Arequipa, Daphne became intrigued by two of the country’s sustainable resources: llama leather and baby alpaca fur.










Our founder, Daphne Benzaquen

 The Founder

Daphne Benzaquen is the creative designer and founder of daph., a St. Louis-based fashion and lifestyle brand inspired by her Peruvian heritage. A proud Peruvian, Daphne always acknowledged the unique craftsmanship and natural, sustainable resources, like baby alpaca fur and llama leather, coming out of her country when visiting and always hoped she could share it with the world. She founded daph. with the vision of creating a sustainable lifestyle brand that shared quality products and design at attainable price points while giving back to the community and earth.







Our Transparency 

We are authentic and transparent in all we do from our manufacturing practices, pricing, and our design process we want  to bring you along with us. Being your true self may make some brands nervous, but not us.