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October 26, 2020 4 min read

Written on February 4, 2020


This FW2020 Collection release is filled with what my life needs most of at the moment, simplicity. In a world full of constant fluster, “the next big thing” flashing in your face or as you scroll through your feed, can you ever keep up? It took some time but I’ve realized, nope, nope I can’t keep up. And that is why instead of consistently chasing the next season, catching up to buyer’s schedules and trying to come up with new designs, this collection just came to me and brings the essential pieces I’ve needed and know every daph. women will find it essential. And all that is thanks to the Beautiful Blur that life can throw at you everyday.


Honestly, I’ve been a bit selfish. I’ve been sitting on these designs for over a year putting samples to good use and performing tried and true tests on the functionality and design. I’ve exposed myself to flashy colors and new trend looks but in my heart of hearts these colors felt right to me and our brand. They are rich, bold, elegant and enriching, I love them.


The above photo inspired the thought and story behind this collection, A Beautiful Blur. I found it last year when perusing a VOGUE issue. As I looked through my vault of magazine cuttings for inspiration, when I landed on it, it really caught my eye as a reflection of how I feel as both a designer and entrepreneur at times. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies.


Much to many people’s surprises I do not play with colored pencils or mix and match color swatches and zipper tags all day. Others think I sit around just waiting for sales to come in and many look at me with pity and sadness when I tell them nope, not today. Others go to the extreme to hint that I should start looking at another business idea. Nope, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.


Fashion is supposed to be trendy, it’s colorful, unique sometimes a beautiful chaos; words that can themselves describe the design process. This is my fourth season designing pieces and I think I have finally found the science in fashion. In reality it is very hypocritical of me to say, seeing that all our pieces are made by hand, purposefully adding an element of imperfection in every piece. All the details involved, the story, themes and relevance each design must have when related to a season over a year in the future. Should I add fortune teller to my job title?

I used to worry and lose sleep over making a decision over which colors to release. Colors?! Making me lose sleep? Is this the life I signed up for? Nope, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.


But in the end the sleepless nights, questioning designs, trying to predict future trends are all worth it. I am creating pieces I cherish and I hope others will to. I’m sharing my roots with others, showcasing Peruvian craftsmanship and resources while providing quality pieces to people I don’t even know. All the while positively impacting a country near and dear to me and most importantly in need of so much. It’s truly special to know that through daph. and our growing impact we are making an even larger impact on the everyday life of children.


New Accessories collection     New Accessories 


This collection may seem small to some but in a time where people are frivolously spending and eyeing the next designer release I decided to create pieces that are essentials and can be worn every day, no matter where you’re going or what you’re wearing. The colors are for various moods and vibes yet all provide a discrete elegance. Afterall, sometimes you need to take a step back from the bustle of everyday spending and envy to focus on the quality and durability of items. That is what we have created thanks to a Beautiful Blur.


Our Cardholder. In a world where cash is almost nonexistent I created this piece because many of my customers have requested it! I may be one of the very few who still carry cash around with me thanks to my dad’s constant reminder that CASH IS KING I think this cardholder is a nice addition to our accessories and pairs well with…


Our Wallet. A take on our 2018 Maras Wallet, I decided to bring this favorite back in new beloved colors except this time around make sure it had our signature horizontal weave. Confession: The original version was supposed to be horizontal instead of diagonal but it was a little late to change it when we received our order with beautifully diagonally woven designs. Stuff happens. But we got it right this time around or should I say improved it? You be the judge.


The Leather Case. I love this piece as it is versatile at it’s finest. It’s shape and build make it the perfect clutch… or makeup case… or pencil case or any sort of carrying case. We also added a pop of color on the inside to shake things up.


You’ll notice that we finally decided to take the leap of mixing leather colors with this collection and it’s A BIG DEAL. We had to completely change our creation process for our weaving seeing that we could not interweave on only one color of leather. It was hard. It took several tries but the ultimate result is another well-crafted, long lasting collection.


So, although there were times of constant doubt during this creation process, several days of frustration, they were outshined by brighter moments of inviting shades of reassurance.


We hope you enjoy the Beautiful Blur.







Daphne Benzaquen
Daphne Benzaquen

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