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COSTA Reed Diffuser

Welcome to Costa by DAPH - an olfactory sojourn to the radiant coastlines of Peru. Envision a place where the sky is painted in vibrant hues, and every gust of the salty ocean breeze brushes against your skin, whispering tales of a land rich in tradition and beauty. This fragrance is a heartfelt ode to Lima's coastal territories, reminiscent of the founder's maternal lineage, of moments cherished and stories passed down through generations. Costa beckons you to relive the warmth, seize the opportunities, and feel the pulsating energy that the region exudes.

Top Notes: Sea Salt Air, Vibrant Ocean Spray

Heart Notes: Fresh Misted Cypress

Base Notes: Sun-Bleached Driftwood

Size: 3 fl. oz in recycled glass vessel

Longevity: 3-4 months

Vessel & Rods: 100% Recycled Glass, Sand Rods ( 8 included )

Our customers feel fresh, calm and inviting when sniffing this scent.


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