Women's Oversized Convertible Sweater & Duster

Introducing our must-have Cozy Oversized Duster that doubles as a versatile cardigan with an accented neckline. This 2-in-1 sweater is the epitome of versatility and comfort, designed to elevate your style effortlessly. As the founder, this is my personal favorite piece in our collection.

Crafted with the finest Peruvian Alpaca Fiber, this duster-cardigan combo is the perfect blend of luxury and coziness. It comes in one size that fits most, making it a versatile option for a range of body types.

You can wear it as a long duster for a chic and flowy look or transform it into a shorter cardigan for a more casual and relaxed vibe. The two-tone design adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to this already stunning piece.

To care for this sweater, we recommend dry cleaning or hand washing it in a gentle cycle with cold water. After washing, simply lay it flat to dry, and the fibers will shrink back to their original fit. Please note that due to the nature of baby alpaca fiber, the sweater may stretch slightly after wears and washing.

The duster length measures approximately 34"-37.5" from shoulder to hem, depending on how you wear it, while the sweater length is about 22"-24" from shoulder to hem. Our model stands at 5'7" tall, providing you with a reference for the fit.

Indulge in the luxury and versatility of our Cozy Oversized Cardigan, and experience the unmatched comfort and style it offers. Add this statement piece to your wardrobe and effortlessly elevate any outfit.

At DAPH, we are committed to providing you with exceptional quality and style. Shop our collection today and discover why the Oversized Duster is a favorite among our customers.

Cream & Tan
Gray & Charcoal

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