pom pom keychain
pom pom keychain
pom pom keychain
pom pom keychain
pom pom keychain

pom pom keychain

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Classic design with an accent of color, our pom pom leather keychain will not be left to sit at the bottom of your bag. The pom pom is made from baby alpaca fur while the leather tassels are held together by wrapped leather adorned with small huayruro beads. 

  • Designed in St. Louis by daph.
  • Handcrafted in Peru with Peruvian Llamo leather and baby alpaca fur
  • Cleaning Instructions: For light cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth. For more serious cleaning, please contact a leather cleaning professional.

Please Note: Dark clothing may rub off on the surface of the light colored leathers. Due to the natural, unlined quality of the leather, there is a chance color-crocking may occur on very lightly colored items in the dark colored bags. Rain also has the potential to cause color-crocking. Also, please do not consume any of the huayruro seeds as they are not edible.


  • Pompom is 2.5 in. in width
  • Leather strands are 4 in. long, .30 in. wide

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