Re-inspiration Rally

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the Brazen Women’s Rally and was so thankful I made time to take part in this re-inspiring event. I say “re-inspiring” because as a budding entrepreneur working on the launch of my business I try and find inspiration in everything I do. But like most people, hit a slump where everything can go wrong and does.

As I find myself in a period where there is only so much anxious waiting I can do, this rally allowed me to re-center and re-focus on all that has been going on and realize that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK.

The setting for the event followed the reach for the starts theme, seeing that we were literally under the stars at the planetarium. The scene was a bit dark but welcoming as we mingled and gathered together in our glow necklace-wearing swarm. After warming up with some power poses, which luckily, I had already explored in advance thanks to my critical thinking class, we set off on an inspiring journey hearing from female entrepreneurs’ and picking up on their nuggets of knowledge they imparted in us.


No one can do what you can do, because they are not you. -Kristy Jackson


These words may seem simple enough but when I heard them I had an “AH-HA” moment because they are SO TRUE. When choosing to create my brand and ultimately my business. I had to think of my competitive advantage, would it be my items are handmade? Nah, I mean have you heard of Etsy? Ok, ok, they are Peruvian, psh a little late to the game there, Peru has SO many resources; some of which I use in daph products, such as huayruros, alpaca and llamo leather, but they are all but undiscovered. So, I had to create something that wasn’t out there yet, I had to create something that came from my own thinking, experiences and needs, and thus came out my artistic side and my designs were born!  After a few days of questioning whether I should take the plunge and put in my first order I had a moment. I remember it perfectly, I was sitting at my kitchen table looking up accessories which what seemed like for days when I took a step back and realized “this might not work, I might fail”. After having a quick second when insecurity flooded my body I realized, so what if it does fail? Yeah, it will be discouraging and I’ll be out a decent wad of cash, but all in all I will have something that is MINE, my creation, my thoughts and in a way a part of me that no one else can make. So, a new mantra has been added to my repertoire, “No one can do what I will do because they are not me.” Thanks for the #inspo Kristy!


No more checkboxes where I’d go. I’d make the path and decide where to go. -Kim Moos


Check, check, check. I must admit, I live my day looking at my lists and longing for that amazing feeling of accomplishment when I cross yet another thing off my “to-do’s”. But until I heard Kim speak about living life one checkbox at a time I never realized how common of a trend this can be and how it can slow down your true accomplishments and business dreams.

Before I decided to take the plunge and start daph. I created many checkboxes I had to check off before I could even start ordering my products. Finish school, gather x amount of money, read x number of articles, meet with x number of manufacturers, it seemed like never ending! Looking back on it now, I was trying to trick myself. Yeah, yeah, you’re doing great! Look at all these things you’re learning! You’re meeting all kinds of people who are teaching you things! Look at all these checkmarks! These were all great tools and skills I had picked up, but ultimately, they were excuses for me to start daph. When would the checkmarks be enough?

It took some self-reflection and self-control to put down the list pad for a few weeks and just work; get all my ideas out there, set goals with feasible deadlines, look ahead at next steps, send out order requests, finalize colors but it all got done. It was when I stopped worrying about checking off certain number of boxes every day that I got so much more work accomplished and made real decisions. I was more focused on the outcome and what came next than the actual set task I was supposed to be accomplishing. I took control of what was most important, what affected each step and what would keep me motivated.

I’ll admit… I still save the checkboxes for lists centered around all the chores I’m dreading, like really, who likes going to the grocery store nowadays?


Develop risk tolerance, what will bury you and what will save you, what you can swallow and what will make you puke. -Ginger Imster


It might be my previous life in the risk management world that makes my eyes light up every time the word risk is mentioned. Risk is everywhere and involved in every decision, every day and that is why Ginger’s words really resonated with me.

How will you know when you’ve gone too far when you don’t know what “too far” really is? How will you know you’re pushing the envelope a little bit too much when you don’t know how to define “too much”? Although we might all want to believe we are limitless, super humans who can take anything that gets thrown at them, balancing everything that needs to be done and doing it all swiftly, NEWSFLASH! We can’t. We all have a limit where things, even yourself at times, can start to crumble and you need to hit the pause button. Being able to recognize that moment, that level of tolerance, is what can save you from a potential meltdown.

Every week, although begrudgingly, I allow myself to step back and take some time to recharge, get my mind straight and back on track, whether it’s reading a book, writing or just calling up a friend to see how their life is going, I make sure I step away from idea-creating and decision making. I’ll confess, I have yet to firmly define what my limits are to certain things for daph., seeing that it’s still in its early stages, but after hearing this advice, you can bet that setting my point of “feeling sick to my stomach because of a decision I’ve made” will definitely be a priority.



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