When to buy yourself a daph. piece

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When to buy yourself a daph. piece

Am I the only one who has a notes tab in my phone titled "Things I want 🎁"? Because let's be honest, no one knows how to spoil you like yourself! One of our goals for this year is to take time to celebrate life's wins, big or small, here are some occasions that warrant a gift for you, from you


Did you get that promotion? Finally finish that project you've been working on for what seems like forever? Turned that business idea you had into a reality? Finally retired? CONGRATS! 

My Pick: Either our Leather Case or our Qenqo Pouch, you can't go wrong with these two everyday, versatile essentials.

New Bundles Available- Leather Case + Cardholder


Are you the type of person who likes to shop for an upcoming trip? Why not start the memories early with a piece to wear during the trip and wear it after as a fond reminder of the adventures you had together!

My Pick: Our Alpaca Shawl. Wear it during your trip, as a scarf or shawl. It's breathability and extremest lightweight feel make it easy to transport and low maintenance.

Alpaca Shawl



Tired of getting those gifts you have to act like you love, but really make you think of how quickly you can return them? Get yourself something you actually love, we'll even gift wrap it for you!

My Pick: Our Nazca Envelope clutch. Love being able to tote my laptop around in it while it also doubling as a professional portfolio and clutch at the same time!

 Nazca Leather Envelope Clutch



Being recognized for an accomplishment? Emerging leader, best wife, or just surviving 2020 this calls for something snazzy.

My pick: Our mosy. baby alpaca fur clutch, a showstopper and named our "emotional support clutch" this piece is one that will have all eyes on you.



Bad days aren't fun, daph. apparel can make them cozier and comfier and great days can get even better with a daph. bag! There's never not a "right" time to TREAT YOURSELF

My Pick: Our cozy loungewear. Our Alpaca Joggers are my go-to when I want to feel put together and comfortable. Sometimes I crawl into bed with them on thinking I'm in my pj's! Alpaca Joggers

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