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Today is a Special Day.

Today is my mom’s birthday and although she can’t be here with us, what better way to celebrate her than to launch the tote I designed and named after her, the brenda. tote.

When I started designing my first collection, I knew I wanted to name the bags in this collection after inspiring and influential women who have supported and taught me lessons all throughout my life. As the designs began to flow, the names came easily as each bag matched the woman’s personality it was named after.

My grandma, an accounting professor and a stickler for manners with her short, but mighty personality was perfectly depicted in the dainty anita. bucket bag. While my world traveler of a sister, also small in stature, but strong in personality just fell in line with the multi-use fanny and cross body, nicole. Just to name a few…

Although there are some new spring color variations of some of your favorites coming soon, the brenda. tote is the last piece of the original collection. The grand finale.  I’ll admit that although my mom has been the most influential women in my life, this design was the last to come to life. But it’s the one that I cherish the most. The bag is not small, but not overly large. It has the signature pattern, but also the classic sleek leather on the other side. It has the oversized pocket for all your necessities and quick grabs. And the colors it comes in? My favorites: black, brick and olive. Perfect reminders that spring is right around the corner (hopefully!).

You’ll notice that this bag is the first to be photographed with props…blossoming Peruvian Lilies to be exact. Yes, it is in line with the Spring theme, but flowers are the perfect complement to the brenda. tote and the earthy olive and brick tones it comes in. Unlike my knack for letting all plants, including bamboo (which I heard is the easiest plant to care for) wilt away; my mom loved flowers and everything gardening. She’d spend hours pruning, watering and tending to her plants ensuring they lived and showcased perfectly. She’d be proud to know that these flowers have lasted a whole week!

As I have started my entrepreneurial journey I’ve tended to put the trendy clutches and cheeky satchels aside and relied on this timeless bag to carry all my essentials and then some. Whether it be going to coffee shops, meeting with mentors, traveling the globe to see suppliers or taking time to adventure, it’s the bag I rely on the most. It sounds corny, but it’s like I carry a little reminder of my mom wherever I go. During times when I may feel anxious or nervous, I am comforted in thinking how proud of me she’d be and how she’d love the bag herself.  But knowing her, there would definitely have been hours of discussions on colors and designs. After all, I did get my stubbornness from her…

Although nothing can replace a mother’s advice and guidance, on all things, I like to think that the support system and loved ones I’ve surrounded myself with are amazing additions to inspire, motivate and cheer me on as I continue on this ever-changing journey. And for them, I’ll always be thankful.

Daphne Benzaquen
Daphne Benzaquen

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February 16, 2018

Beautifully written and perfectly put. Your collection is truly complete with this piece, and momma Brenda would be SO proud. Keep doing what you’re doing and inspiring others to be inspired.

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