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Fur All Seasons

2 min read

Fur All Seasons

Women opening a small fur maroon clutch.


With the change in weather comes changing over our wardrobes and closets. Although our leather-made pieces are created to be cherished and showcased all year-round, we often get questions about when it’s appropriate to wear our fur pieces. Our answer? All year round, and here’s why.

  • Stand out at your next event.Warm weather brings lighter linens and soft textures. Complimenting your summer dress with our Fur Pouch provides a great combination of texture and feel to help you shine. Not only will you not be able to put your bag down, much less forget it, all eyes will be on you with this fur clutch.
  • Fur doesn’t always mean warmth. Although alpaca fur is known for its incredible warmth in fiber form, the fur itself is hypoallergenic and water resistant making it acceptable for various types of climate and seasons.
  • Easy Upkeep. We believe in creating pieces for all seasons and stages of life, this includes our fur clutches. We understand that your fur clutch will be your go-to in the winter months, but with a simple cleaning in between each season your piece will look brand new and last many years to come. Skip the washing machine and stick to damp spot cleaning or handwashing. Remember, it’s hair so fluffing it and a cold hairdryer work!

Women holding a multicolor fir clutch.

We’ve loved being able to introduce sustainably collected baby alpaca fur since our inception and have enjoyed seeing your appreciation for it. As we expand our product offerings, we do not have plans for a restock of these pieces in the near future so if you’re eyeing one, now’s the time to make it your own!

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