Fashion Trends I’m Trying This Spring, 2021

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Spring 2021 Trends Im trying, coral woven leather totes, floral prints for dresses with oversized sleeves, bubblegum pink and lime green sets and leather slides.

Long overdue are the days that I stare at my drawers deciding which pair of joggers or yoga pants I will sport around the condo all day long. I’m looking to Spring, warmer weather, fun adventures and hopefully some traveling. 

First planned stop apres-vaccince is Miami which excites me. Thinking bright colors, flowy dresses and hats. As I plan what pieces I will invest in and what trends I rather try on while renting on RTR I compiled my favorites below. 

By “trendy” I mean what Vogue and Who What Wear are predicting will be “in style” come Spring. I’m not including all trends since I don’t dig them all but click on the magazine links to discover more adventurous looks.

House dresses + English Inspired prints.

Ok, everyone has been on this whole Bridgerton train. I haven’t watched, but I’ve heard the main character is named Daphne which actually makes it more intriguing, but I quickly noticed the shows influence on Spring Fashion.

But lets start with the house dress -- think long, flowy, oversized, feminine dresses that can be worn while walking around the house, picking up after the kids, lounging on the couch with a glass of vino and a good book or just those days you want to feel put together without form fitting clothing.

I’d think that introducing the English-inspired print to this piece would be a smooth way to add it to my wardrobe but I’m veering more towards a neutral like this. For trends I’m not sure of I usually rent a piece and then decide how I truly feel about it afterwards. We have several weddings this summer/spring so I do think I’d try on a dress like this which can be worn as is with heels for a reception or worn under a v-neck crossover cream sweater with sneakers for a day of exploring or lunch date.

English-inspired print dress to try this spring, 2021

 Unique sleeves

Not sure about you but whenever I have statement pieces that have unique patterns or accents I feel like I cannot wear them as much as neutral prints because everyone will “remember” them. For these pieces I rent. I can’t wait to try on the beauties below with some white relaxed trousers or call me a millennial, skinny white jeans. 

Spring floral print tops with ruffle sleeves, Spring 2021 trends


I’ve been working on my fitness for this trend. I totally will admit miniskirts were my jam In high school, but I’m in my 30’s now and there just seems something “wrong” about bearing a lot of skin or tugging at my skirt everytime I have to sit. Haven’t found any minis I’m in love with but I have been eyeing criss-cross denim skirtsand this one has been on my shopping list since last summer… now to just find it in stock somewhere. Can’t wait to have a rocker vibe when I pair it with a tee and booties or elevate it with a unique sleeved feminine top. 

Denim mini skirts

Flatforms + Slides

Ok, do you remember those very thick flip flops from the 90’s? Well… they’re backkkk. This is one trend I won’t jump on. It just reminds me of elementary school when I would clonk around with these one and butterfly clips in my hair. Not my look this year. I am curious about incorporating them with espadrilles or maybe a gladiator type sandals (which are apparently also back) but I luckily have some similar ones I grabbed last summer and really love!

I am very excited about the slides trend coming back, very popular in 2020, and have some ivory ones on my list. I think they are casual and comfortable and will get a lot of use this summer whether running errands or buy the pool.

Spring 2021 slides and city sandals

Oversize button downs + Relaxed Trousers

I’m happy to announce I’ve been on this trend for years now. I have some black and white striped “balloon pants” which my fiancé calls fashion pants but I absolutely love! They just really elevate any look and can be worn with flats or heels and best of all mine have an elastic waistband with an accent tie in the front. The oversized white button down has been great this winter wearing it over textured leggings but I can’t wait to wear it with some jean shorts and maybe add a scarf around my neck or as a headband for an extra touch. Plan on wearing them with my slides for sure.

Oversized white shirt for Spring 2021

Bright Green + Bubblegum Pink

I’m 50/50 with this trend. It reminds me of Lily Pulitzer. If I go with it I’d choose to subdue the hues and buy loungewear shorts and sweater sets to wear around or travel with. Still love the monochrome look so might as well add a pop to it this summer!

Bubblegum pink and green spring sets

Baseball Caps + Heavy Chains

I currently have two baseball caps in my closet, one is red and from my MBA and the other has a big “D” on it. Needless to say it’s time for an upgrade. While browsing I haven’t’ found one that I love yet so I’m hoping I discover one from a small business on Instagram. Thinking a neutral color, not black and with a simple minimalist icon or text on the front. Something versatile. As for the chunky chains, I raided my moms’ collection of authentic silver and gold and found some favorites that I know will make any minimalist top pop.

Vintage jewelry

Totes + Accent Earrings

So I’m not a jewelry lover, in fact I usually wear studs but I am lucky that along with chunky chains I found some accent earrings in my mom’s collection that I added to my own. If I am to shop around I’m eyeing some of these local St. Louis brands. And do you really need to ask about totes? Of course I’ll be carrying my own design this spring and summer, the brenda. tote.

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